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Attaching and Validating Digital Signatures for .dwg Files

With the new release of Teigha 4.3.1, you can attach digital signatures to your .dwg files and validate a .dwg file’s digital signature. A digital signature indicates who the file came from and the file’s state when the digital signature was created, and validation confirms this information.

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Visual Styles in Teigha BIM

Similar to Teigha Drawings, Teigha BIM also has visual styles for rendering elements in a View. However, with Teigha Drawings visual styles are separate elements in the database, and with Teigha BIM visual styles are part of the View.

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Example of Using Multi-User Editing with OdaMfcApp

This article shows how to launch the "multi-user editor."

Note: The xml schema (TD.txds) must be in the same folder as OdaMfcApp.exe.

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Overview of AmdtSystemAttribute in Teigha Mechanical

BOM (Bill Of Materials) Manager is a service class that works with BOM tables, part references and BOM rows. All data held by BOM tables is stored in data containers that call data entries. There are three data entry types: DataEntry, DataEntryPart, and DataEntryBlock. DataEntryPart is connected with part references, and DataEntryBlock is connected with components.

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PDF Export: Using Monochrome and Grayscale Modes

Sometimes it is necessary to export a drawing to the PDF format as a grayscale or monochrome document. The usual way to do it is using plot styles: monochrome.ctb/stb and grayscale.ctb/stb.

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Creating HoleChartOrigin in Teigha Mechanical

In Teigha Mechanical, HoleChartOrigin is a part of the HoleChart complex entity. Creation of HoleChartOrigin is the first thing to do to make all components of HoleChart work correctly.

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Creating Table Elements in .dgn Files

Table elements for .dgn files are supported by Bentley® MicroStation V8i Connect Edition and later. The structure and purpose of .dgn table elements are similar to .dwg table elements. A table is a set of cells arranged in rows and columns. The cells in a table are separated by gridlines, and .dgn table element cells can contain only text data.

To create a .dgn table element:

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Introduction to Bill of Materials in Teigha Mechanical

Teigha Mechanical has a service (service class) named BOM Manager that provides an interface for Bill of Materials tables, parts, and components in a drawing. BOM Manager also provides an interface for BOM rows and their data.

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Getting Started with Teigha Civil using a Simple Test Application

It’s easy to start exploring Teigha Civil using a simple console application named TCTest. Using it, you can see how Teigha Civil opens, saves, and renders files, and more.

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Visual Basic Developers Use Teigha

Thanks to Teigha.NET, C++ developers are not the only CAD developers using Teigha. And C# is not the only language that can be used to design a Teigha.NET based application. Visual Basic can be used as well.

Earlier versions of Teigha included only C# sample applications in the Teigha.NET archive, but now a Visual Basic sample application is included: VBDwgAppSwigMgd.

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