Work with Autodesk® Map 3D custom objects from any application

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Core capabilities

Read/Write Map .dwg files to/from any version

Map objects data access via MapGuide third party library interface

Visualization of GIS data based on current file coordinate system

GIS Providers support via Feature Data Object third party library interface

Publish to 2D/3D PDF


Map provides read access to data in map objects through a convenient API.

FeatureSources, LayerDefinitions, MapDefinitions and other Map objects representations are stored as MapGuide third party library objects, so they can be access directly via MapGuide interfaces or our wrappers.

Save Map objects with their design data to the latest Map version.
Save the Latest Version

Map SDK saves objects in the most recent Map object format (older versions can be selected as well), ensuring interoperability between applications that work with Map objects.

Visualize Map objects on Windows platform using any device.
Visualization (MapGuide third party library)

Attached styles, filters, texts, filling patterns and similar thing are workable due to using MapGuide library.

Visualization (Coordinate System Map third party library)

All GIS data would be drawn accordingly to coordinate system specified in the .dwg file.

Feature Data Object third party library is used to work with different GIS data providers.
Feature Data Object library interoperability

Any provider that supports FDO interface is potentially supported by us. Currently supported formats: SHP, SDF, SQLite, WFS, PostGIS.

Publish Map objects to rich, functional 3D PDF, or standard 2D PDF.

Use the Publish API to create modern, lightweight and interactive 3D or standard 2D documentation from .dwg files.

All PDFs are 100% compatible with ISO standards and Adobe tools.

Create PRC-based 3D PDF documents that contain full B-rep models.

Add animation, interactive views, parts lists, and more to create attractive and sophisticated 3D PDF documents.