Core package

Architecture SDK

A Drawings extension for architectural design

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Core capabilities

Full access to Architecture entities in .dwg files, including modification

Export to other formats

Interactive 3D visualization on desktop or web

Import entity geometry and properties into any application

Publish to 3D PDF


Access 100% of the data in custom .dwg architectural objects.
Smart Architectural Objects

Access common architectural entities and the relationships between them: walls, doors, windows, and other elements.

Full Range of Styles

Work with styles assigned to walls, doors, windows, and other architectural elements.

Text and Dimensions

Retrieve text, dimensions, and other annotating data that correspond to architectural objects.

Fills and Materials

Get the fill patterns and materials assigned to architectural objects.

Edit any type of architectural object via a powerful high-level API.
Create any standard architectural object, or extend the object model with your own fully-functional custom objects.
Save architectural objects with their design data in the latest architectural object version.
Visualize architectural objects on any platform using any device
Publish architectural objects to rich, functional 3D PDF, or standard 2D PDF using the Drawings and Visualize SDKs.
Use .dwg and the powerful Architecture object model as the base for your application.

Instead of importing and exporting data from your application, extend Open Design Drawings with Architecture to work natively with .dwg and architecture data. Join the growing group of Open Design members who are using Architecture and Drawings to power their architectural CAD applications.