ODA Drawings Explorer

For rendering and testing

ODA Drawings Explorer

ODA Drawings Explorer incorporates the power and flexibility of ODA into a single application that can render both .dwg files and .dgn files using a common command interface for both formats.


  • Load, save, print, and render .dwg and .dgn files.
  • Recover and audit damaged .dwg files.
  • Create new .dwg files.
  • Import .dgn files.
  • Work with architecture objects (uses ODA Architecture integration).
  • Draw simple entities: boxes, spheres, circles, texts and lines.
  • Zoom, pan, orbit and select various preset 3D views.
  • Select an active layout via drawing window tabs. Switch the current viewport.
  • Select and deselect items in a drawing. Delete items from a drawing. Use grips in .dwg files.
  • Undo and redo operations in .dwg files.
  • Edit general properties of entities; edit all properties of lines and arcs in .dwg files.
  • Edit layer properties using the Layer Properties Manager (turn layers on/off, etc.).
  • Use menu, toolbar, and command window interfaces.
  • Customize menus and toolbars via .cui files.
  • Switch windows.
  • View and change system variables, and reset system variables.
  • Load .NET TX plug-ins (Windows only, ODA members only).
  • Execute loaded commands via a menu item.
  • Define in a Startup Suite the applications to load automatically when ODA Drawings Explorer starts.
  • Enter arguments and switches when running the ODA Drawings Explorer executable to automatically open files, run scripts, and load TX applications. Enter /? for a list of arguments, for example: /?.


A complete list of commands available within ODA Drawings Explorer is available here.

ODA Drawings Explorer Downloads



OpenSUSE11.2/Ubuntu 20.10 x64 or later. GLIBC version 2.28 or higher is required. Now Qt runtimes are integrated into the packages!

RPM packages: Use system software to install, for example sudo yum localinstall --skip-broken ODADrawingsExplorer_QT6_lnxX64_8.3dll.rpm.   
Note that it is required to skip false broken dependecies (--nodeps option for rpm)   
When installing several products of the same version, it may require using console to force resolving conflicts (sudo rpm -i --replacefiles ODADrawingsExplorer_QT6_lnxX64_8.3dll.rpm).

DEB packages: Use system software to install, for example sudo gdebi ODADrawingsExplorer_QT6_lnxX64_8.3dll.deb, from the terminal command line. You may need superuser privileges to install.

Modern Linux such as Ubuntu 22/Fedora37 also require to install/symlynk libxcb-util.so.0 library (they usually contain libxcb-util.so.1 now). It can be fixed quickly as following:

cd /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu (Ubuntu)   
cd /usr/lib64 (Fedora)   
sudo ln -s libxcb-util.so.1 libxcb-util.so.0

AppImage packages: Runs as portable version of software from disk image. Does not require installation at all! However, fuse component must be installed (appears that Fedora already has it, On Ubuntu use sudo apt install fuse). Using AppImage does not require any additional Linux components as well. The image contains everything.

(RPM) (DEB) (AppImage)
macOSMac OS X 13.0 arm64 or later (Apple Chip)(dmg) (pkg)
macOSMac OS X 13.0 x64 or later (Intel Chip)(dmg) (pkg)
WindowsWindows 10 or later (x64)ODA Drawings Explorer for Windows x64