Build professional engineering applications

About the ODA and Teigha

Software development is the core activity of the Open Design Alliance (ODA), which provides customers with a development platform for engineering solutions.

Teigha® was launched in 2010 as the new name for the ODA software development platform for CAD and other technical graphics applications. The Teigha brand encompasses all products and is the unifying concept for an environment that goes far beyond the reading and writing of .dwg and .dgn files. Teigha enables ODA subscribers to quickly design and build applications for their customers.

ODA customers are committed to open industry-standard formats for the exchange of CAD data and to the maintenance of valuable data stored by design systems. Building on their collective expertise and experience in data analysis, drafting, design, solid modeling and rendering, customers develop and use engineering applications across all areas of business, science and education

The ODA has 1,250 subscribers who are benefiting from the up-to-date technology provided by the ODA and integrating Teigha in their solutions. These customers are licensed to distribute their solutions according to their level of subscription.

Customers have a vital role in the running of the organization, which is governed by a board, nominated and elected each year by Supporting and Founding Subscribers. Customers can also participate in Special Interest Groups and cooperate on special projects.

The ODA was founded in 1998 as the OpenDWG Alliance, an independent, non-profit corporation dedicated to making the .dwg file format an open, accessible standard for storage of drawing data. It was renamed the Open Design Alliance in 2002.