Advanced Computer Solutions

Advanced Computer Solutions

Streamlined development of 2D and 3D architectural design applications

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Advanced Computer Solutions provides designers with the tools they need to sketch, design, detail and visualize their ideas in 2D and 3D, and to produce superb quality drawings and stunning 3D images that bring their designs to life. Our Caddie line of products is used by design professionals throughout the US, Europe, Africa and Australasia. Being .dwg-based, Caddie is also an ideal platform for clients who want to develop their own custom solutions.

Key Benefits of ODA Software

ODA’s Architecture SDK provides Caddie with a rich set of architectural design objects including doors, windows, walls, slabs and more. Architecture SDK also gives Caddie 100% compatibility with standard .dwg. Advanced Computer Solutions maintains a close working relationship with the ODA Architecture development team and derives ongoing benefits from the continued development of this ODA technology.

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