Core package


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Core capabilities

Visualization of different kinds of data

PDF export and publishing

Optimized performance

Rich text rendering abilities

Multi-threaded support

Rich import possibilities with access to native properties

Progressive mesh object for LOD support

Advanced GPU effects like real-time shadows

Application areas

Designed for a wide variety of tasks and problem domains


Visualize large models with ease

Web collaboration

Real-time responsiveness in web-based applications through the use of streaming, memory limiting and other techniques by ODA Open Cloud

Intensive GPU usage

  • Fast selection

  • FXAA

    (fast approximate anti-aliasing)

  • Calculating and drawing lineweights

  • Drawing silhouettes

  • SSAO

    (screen space ambient occlusion)

Advanced features

Collision detection, cutting planes and more

Supported formats

Visualize is compatible with all formats supported by ODA

Visualize provides a set of classes that store parameters used during import and export processes

  • Import

    • DWG
    • ACIS®
    • IFC
    • 2D PDF
    • DGN
    • DWF
    • VSF*
    • 3D PDF*
    • OBJ
    • PRC
    • DAE*
    • Revit®*
    • STL
    • U3D
    • Recap®
    • Navisworks®*
  • Visualize

  • Export

    • DWG
    • DWF
    • OBJ
    • 3D PDF*
    • STL
    • VSF*