Professional visualization for desktop, mobile and web

Visualize is a new general-purpose toolkit designed for professional engineering applications.

Application Areas

Domains and Workflows

Adaptable to a wide range of application areas and workflows, including construction, BIM, plant & process, FEA, CFD, PDM, PLM, general CAD and more.

Web-Based Applications

Visualize can be integrated into any type of web-based system, including configurators, PLM & PDM systems, viewers and markup editors. It can query the original model based on selected objects, and can be customized to interact with databases and other external systems.

Unified Multi-Format Viewers

Visualize any supported format through a single, unified workflow. Add markup and custom views, and export to VSF (Visualize Stream Format) for archival and fast retrieval.

Multi-Format Views

Combine multiple models from any supported formats into a single view, similar to capabilities provided by Autodesk® Navisworks®.

Application Areas

Designed for a wide variety of tasks and problem domains.

Performance details

Core Architecture

An optimized scene graph stores the primary model, while markup and temporary graphics are stored separately for fast redraw.

Large Models

Visualize is designed to handle large data sets efficiently. Spatial indexing, level of detail, and other optimization techniques provide fast performance.

Web Optimization

Streaming, memory limiting and other techniques provide real-time responsiveness in web-based applications.


Visualize large models with ease.

Advanced Features

Collision Detection

Real-time detection of collisions between model elements.

Cutting Planes

Use multiple cutting planes to expose and inspect interior sections of a model. Under development.


Automatically create an exploded view of a model for product documentation and other purposes. Under development.


Precisely measure distances in any model. Under development.

Advanced Features

Collision detection, cutting planes and more.

Supported formats

Format Import Export
Autodesk® Revit®*    
.rcs (Autodesk® Recap®)    
DAE (Collada)    
Format Import Export
PDF (2D)    
PDF (3D PRC-based)    
VSF (Visualize Stream Format)    
Coming Soon    
Autodesk® Navisworks®*    

*Requires an additional annual licensing fee

Supported Formats

Visualize is compatible with all formats supported by ODA.

Licensing details

Part of Standard ODA Membership

Visualize is included in all ODA membership levels, at no additional cost beyond the standard membership fee.

Web Applications and SaaS

Web applications (including SaaS) are permitted under the ODA Sustaining, Founding and Corporate membership levels (no limits on distribution).


ODA offers free technical support for all membership levels.

About ODA

As a non-profit technology consortium, ODA develops engineering solutions at cost, for the benefit of the industry. See about oda for more details.


Tiered licensing with transparent pricing.