Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between the ODA Support levels?

Standard level includes using Documentation, Educational Portal, Technical Forum, reviewed by ODA development team, and Bug reporting.

Priority level provides all the features of Standard one and Direct support.

Can I subscribe to only one product?

No, ODA membership includes subscribing to a сore SDKs package: Drawings, IFC, Visualize, Open Cloud, Publish, Architecture.

Can I pay a subscription only once?

No, ODA SDKs licensed through an annual subscription model. In case of termination of the subscription you lose the right to distribute the ODA-based product, even if it was developed during the validity of the license.

Also all online resources become unavailable after termination of the subscription.

Can I use non-commercial membership at the time of development of my product?

Yes, but you cannot to commercialize your product.

Also SIG product subscriptions not available for non-commercial members.

Do you work with resellers?

ODA does not work with resellers – your customers will need to become an ODA member directly. Your company can pay for the membership, but your customers will need to sign the paperwork and become a member of ODA. We do not offer any reseller discounts, all members pay the same published prices that you can find on the Pricing page of our website.

For the billing address, put your information and company. For the membership, put your customer's information and company.

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