About ODA

Professional application development through open standards

Inspired by a Common Need

Open Design Alliance was founded in 1998 to provide the engineering industry with a standard solution for .dwg interoperability. Today, our Drawings SDK is the industry’s leading technology for working with .dwg files, used by hundreds of companies in thousands of applications. Our success with .dwg has allowed us to increase the breadth and depth of our product line, to include support for other CAD formats, as well as other technologies such as Visualization. Our guiding principle is to provide common solutions for complex problems within industry.

A Unique Business Model

ODA is a non-profit technology consortium with broad industry support. By sharing the cost of development for complex projects, ODA members develop solutions for far less money than any single company could do alone. The focal point is ODA’s professional, experienced development team. We work closely with members to ensure requirements are met and the highest standards for quality are maintained.

With independent management, ODA has the necessary autonomy to serve its members fairly. A board of directors comprised of ODA Founding members is a further safeguard to keep the organization on track. It’s a business model that works.

100-Year Commitment

Engineering models and drawings need to be accessible for the lifetime of a project, which can span decades or longer. ODA is committed to ensuring long-term access to critical CAD data. With a modern, flexible code base and broad industry support, ODA is well-positioned to adapt to changing technologies over the coming years.

Formats supported by ODA’s 100-year commitment

Beyond Interoperability

While ODA was originally created to solve interoperability problems, our success has enabled us to branch out into complementary area such as Visualization, Publishing and Exchange. See our solutions page for more info about the scope of our development efforts.