Survey SDK

Read and create Trimble DSZ, SVL, SVD files

For surveying, construction, and civil engineering applications

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  • DSZ

    Data Storage Zone data file format used for storing and exchanging geospatial data

    • Represent the desired elevation or terrain model for a specific area.
    • Can be used to create, edit, and analyze design surfaces for various purposes, including earthwork calculations, site planning, and construction layout.
    • Contain information about the elevation points, contours, breaklines, and other geometric features that define the design.
  • SVL

    Linework Design File contain information about lines, such as alignments that provide the machine with station and offset information, as well as lines for navigation and blade control.

  • SVD

    Surface Design File format used for storing surface models .svd files contain information about Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN) models that provide the machine with elevation and surface shape information.


  • Construction
    & civil

    Managing construction machinery such as excavators, graders, and bulldozers.

  • Surveying
    & mapping

    Representation and analysis of survey measurements, surface models, road alignments, and other geometric objects.

  • Geology
    & geophysics

    Storing and analyzing data related to geological structures, reservoirs, fractures, and other geological parameters.

  • Natural
    & energy

    In industries such as oil, gas, coal, and others, the .dsz, .svl, and .svd formats can be used for optimizing extraction processes and managing machinery and equipment.

  • Others

    The .dsz, .svl, and .svd formats are widely used in the field of GIS, construction work, land surveying, and other areas that involve working with geospatial data and machine control.

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