Complete Interoperability for Autodesk® Revit® Files

Work with Revit® data without dependencies on the native Revit® application

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Core capabilities

Export to other formats

Generate drawing views

Publish to 2D or 3D PDF

Import geometry, properties, or families into any application

Full access to Revit® file data

Interactive 3D visualization on desktop or web


Full access to Revit® file data


Geometric, View
and Annotation text elements

Work with the full set of geometric elements such as:

  • Curves
    • Families
    • Family Symbols
    • Family Instances
    • Wall
    • Roof
    • Floor
    • Ceiling
  • Topography
  • Annotation elements
    such as grids, dimensions, texts

Supported File Versions

BimRv SDK can read Autodesk® Revit® files of version 2011 and higher.


Full Save

Save Revit® files that are 100% compatible with Autodesk® Revit® software, ensuring seamless interoperability between applications.

Incremental Save

Optionally save only additions and changes made to a model while still retaining the whole file, making the file save process faster and more efficient when working with large files.

Supported File Versions

BimRv SDK offers write support to the latest version of RFA/RVT only.


Create simple BIM elements and add them to models and families

  • View and text

    TextNote and different Views like 3D view, section view, levels and more.

  • Architectural

    Floor, basic Wall based on Line or Arc, openings in them for insert FamilyInstance.

  • Imported geometry

    DirectShape, DirectShapeType, FreeForm can be used to store imported geometry in the file.

  • Family Creation

    Forms elements, their Void form and FamilyGeomCombination which is a Boolean operation on them.


  • Import

    • DAE
  • BimRv

  • Export

    • DWF
    • PDF
    • DAE
    • SVG


  • Production

    • 2024 file format support.
    • Hide/Unhide elements in a view.
    • Graphical Column Schedule visualization.
    • Overrides for View.
    • Restore Family database.


    • Creating Formulas by string.
    • LinearArray, RadialArray, Group creation.
    • Schedules creation.

    2023 December

  • Production

    • Formulas by string creation.
    • LinearArray, RadialArray, Group creation.
    • Schedules creation.


    • Rebar visualization.
    • Celling creation.
    • Schedules editing.
    • Wall join visualization.

    2024 July

  • Production

    • 2025 file format support.
    • Rebar visualization.
    • Celling creation.
    • Wall join visualization.


    • Pipe creation.
    • Linked .rvt file visualization.
    • Wall editing.

    2024 December


Visualize BIM data on the desktop or from any web-based application

  • Performance

    Spatial filtering and other performance enhancing techniques provide fast visualization of .rvt and .rfa data, even for large models.

  • Navigation

    Use a set of standard features for navigating through a model such as zoom, pan, 3d rotation and more.

  • Materials
    and Lighting

    Use materials and lighting effects to create a high-quality, realistic visual representation of a model.

  • Visual Styles

    Use different visual styles to customize your rendering of silhouettes, obscured (hidden) edges, transparency and more.

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Collaboratein web with Open Cloud

Fast visualization of Revit® models in any WebGL-enabled browser

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Publish Revit models to 3D PDF or 2D PDF

More about ODA Publish
  • Interactive 3D or standard 2D documentation
  • 100% compatible with ISO standards and Adobe tools
  • Create PRC-based 3D PDF documents with full B-rep models
  • Add animation, interactive views, parts lists, and more