Work with Revit® data without dependencies on the native Revit® application

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Core capabilities

Full access to Revit® file data

Import geometry, properties, or families into any application

Interactive 3D visualization on desktop or web

Generate drawings views

Publish to 3D PDF

Export to other formats


BimRv SDK provides read access to 100% of the data in .rvt and .rfa through a cross-platform, object-oriented API.
Model Elements and Families

Access a model’s walls, roofs, floors, families of doors, windows, columns, and more.

Geometric, View, and Annotation text elements

Work with the full set of geometric elements such as curves, free forms, and B-Reps; view-specific elements; and annotation text elements, such as dimensions and text.

Parametric Relationships

Access the way elements relate to one another to retain the internal workings of how the whole model is connected together.

Fills and Materials

BimRv SDK provides access to the fill patterns and materials used in views and rendering.

Supported File Versions

BimRv SDK can read Autodesk® Revit® files of version 2011 and higher.

Write .rvt and .rfa files from any application.
Full Save

BimRv SDK saves .rvt and .rfa files that are 100% compatible with Autodesk® Revit® software, ensuring seamless interoperability between applications.

Incremental Save

Optionally save only additions and changes made to a model while still retaining the whole file, making the file save process faster and more efficient when working with large files.

Supported File Versions

BimRv SDK offers write support to the latest version of .rfa/.rvt only.

Create simple BIM elements and add them to models and families. Work is in progress for creating more advanced BIM elements.
Simple Graphical Elements

BimRv SDK can create curve elements from a basic graphical objects such as lines, arcs, etc. All elements are parametric and are coordinated throughout the model, including views, sheets, calculations, etc.

B-Rep Geometry

BimRv SDK uses B-Rep geometry for most elements grouped by area: forms, architecture, structure, views, etc.


Forms are B-Rep elements in families that can be represented as extrusion, revolve, swept blend, or void. BIM SDK can add shapes to .rvt and .rfa using the DirectShape element, which can contain 3D geometry imported from other file formats.

Advanced Creation

Creation of complex parametric elements including walls, windows, doors, etc. is in progress.

Visualize BIM data on the desktop or from any web-based application.

Spatial filtering and other performance enhancing techniques provide fast visualization of .rvt and .rfa data, even for large models.


Use a set of standard features for navigating through a model such as zoom, pan, 3d rotation and more.

Materials and Lighting

Use materials and lighting effects to create a high-quality, realistic visual representation of a model.

Visual Styles

Use different visual styles to customize your rendering of silhouettes, obscured (hidden) edges, transparency and more.

Desktop or Web

Visualize BIM models on the desktop or from any web-based application.

Publish .rvt and .rfa models to rich, functional 3D PDF, or standard 2D PDF.

Use the Publish API to create modern, lightweight and interactive 3D or standard 2D documentation from .rvt or .rfa files.

All PDFs are 100% compatible with ISO standards and Adobe tools.

Create PRC-based 3D PDF documents that contain full B-rep models.

Add animation, interactive views, parts lists, and more to create attractive and sophisticated 3D PDF documents.

Interact with other popular formats including SVG, BMP and more
Format Export Import
.dae (Collada)    

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