Core capabilities

Access IFC data

Populate model with various entities

Save IFC files

Visualize geometry

Convert geometry to other formats

SDAI - compliance with ISO-10303-24

Standard data access

Full access to all data in IFC 2x3, IFC4 and IFC4.3 Release Candidate 1, with high-level APIs for simple, compliant creation of complex objects

Standard classes for all IFC 2x3, IFC4, IFC 4.1 and IFC4.3 entity types, with API options for early and late binding

Ability to create new instances per the active schema and set attributes

Support for complex geometry via integrated solid and facet modelers

Iterators for traversing the model graph

Support for ifcZIP


API for creating high-level entities


Professional 3D visualization of IFC on desktop, mobile or web

Visualize SDK
from ODA provides
professional 3D visualization
of IFC models on any
desktop or mobile

Full-featured support for navigation, view modes, selection and property queries

Clash detection can find all interferences in an IFC model and export information about clashes into BIM Collaboration Format (BCF XML) file

LOD (level of detail) support
enables fast performance

Real-time cutting planes allow detailed examination of hidden parts of IFC models

Open Cloud SDK by ODA provides fast visualization of IFC models in any WebGL-enabled browser

Visualize new schema (4.1, 4.2, 4.3, Rail/Road) objects including Alignments, InclinedSweptAreaSolid etc.

Free Support

ODA offers free technical support for all membership levels


Convert IFC to/from .dwg, Autodesk® Revit® and other formats

Format Import Export
Geometry only


Publish any IFC file to compact, standard 2D pdf to interactive, feature-rich 3D PDF (PRC-based)



  • Examine any IFC file and generate a detailed report of any standards violations found in the file
  • Optionally repair an IFC file during audit


First to support new IFC versions and experimental IFC features from bSI


Optimized for large files. Powered by Visualize from ODA


Provided free of charge as a service to the AEC industry

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IFC is included in the core package of SDKs available to all ODA members: