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Core capabilities

Visualize & markup

View model hierarchy object properties

Export to pdf

Store and manage your CAD and BIM drawings

Store and update user information

Run on Microsoft Azure
& Amazon AWS

Private Cloud Option

Viewer API

Visualize 2D and 3D models in a browser

Format Export Import
.dwf (Drawing web format)  *
.dwg, .dxf (.dwg only)  
.dae (Collada)  *
.nwd, .nwc, .nwf (BimNv)*  
.pdf (2D)  
.pdf (3D PRC-based)  
.rfa, .rvt (BimRv)*  
.rcs (Point Cloud)  
.sat (ACIS, Version 7 only)  
.vsf (Visualize Stream File)    


  • Zoom, pan, 3D rotate, orbit
  • Add markup information and save marked up views
  • Real-time sectioning (cutting planes)
  • Explode assemblies for easy generation of part diagrams
  • View modes including wireframe, shaded, HLR, etc., with custom modes such as x-ray via visual styles
  • Selection & highlighting support, with ability to isolate or hide selected objects
  • Streaming support allows large models to be visualized efficiently
  • Generate custom preview images for models
  • Compatible with any WebGL-enabled browser
  • Measurement API

Common data access API

Access model structure, properties, geometry and meta-data


  • Traverse model structure
  • Examine view information
  • Object-level properties API
  • Extract property information from model elements
  • Extract geometry from model elements
  • Access to object properties from original files

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Open Cloud is distributed as a technology, not a service and as such may be deployed anywhere.

Open Cloud supports Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS OS.

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