Drawings SDK

Professional SDK for .dwg and .dgn

Powerful, Versatile .dwg Technology
Drawings (formerly Teigha Drawings) is the engineering industry’s
most widely used toolkit for .dwg and .dgn interoperability,
with the most advanced feature set.


Access 100% of the data in .dwg and .dgn through a convenient, object-oriented API.

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Edit any type of .dwg or .dgn object using a powerful high-level API.

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Create any standard .dwg or .dgn object, or extend your solution with custom .dwg objects.

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Visualize .dwg and .dgn on any platform, using any device, with fast performance and a full feature set.

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Publish .dwg and .dgn models to rich, functional 3D PDF, or standard 2D PDF.

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Interact with other popular formats including SVG, BMP, STL and more.

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Drawings as an Application Kernel

Leverage the powerful Drawings API to use .dwg natively in your application.

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