Interoperability for Autodesk® Advance Steel files

For structural engineering, steel detailing, and fabrication software

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Core capabilities

Full access to Advance Steel file data

High-level C++ API

SWIG wrappers for
.NET, Java, Python

Import geometry, properties, or styles into any application

Interactive 3D
visualization on
desktop, mobile or web

Publish to 2D
or 3D PDF


  • Steel Detailing

    For Autodesk® Revit® Files

  • Revit files can contain embedded Advance Steel data, to support various details on the steel structures. Steel SDK will make it possible for BimRv to fully support all details used in Revit steel structures.

  • Revit steel structure details can be seen in the image on the left (from the Revit application). BimRv currently cannot display these details (image on the right), as they are stored in embedded Advance Steel .dwg files. Steel SDK will enable this functionality within BimRv.

  • Steel Detailing
  • Read

    Steel SDK provides read access to data in Advance Steel custom objects through a convenient API.

  • Smart Steel Objects

    Access common steel entities and the relationships between them: Beams, Gratings, Plates, Bolts, Concrete elements, and more.

  • Text and Labels

    Access text, labels, and other annotating data that correspond to steel objects.

  • Properties

    Access property data including Section, Material, etc.

  • Visualize

    Visualize Advance Steel objects on any platform using any device.

  • Performance

    Spatial filtering and other performance enhancing techniques provide fast rendering of civil objects.

  • Visual Styles

    Use different visual styles to customize your rendering of silhouettes, obscured (hidden) edges, "always on top" edges, transparency and more.

  • Publish

    Publish Advance Steel objects to rich, functional 3D PDF, or standard 2D PDF.


  • Structural

    Streamline workflows, enhance precision, and optimize efficiency in structural steel fabrication projects — from creating accurate 3D models to generating fabrication-ready drawings.

  • BIM

    Consolidate detailing, design, manufacture and construction of 3D steel structures in your BIM application.Consolidate detailing, design, manufacture and construction of 3D steel structures in your BIM application.

Take control of your Steel technology

Companies participating in the Steel SDK project enjoy the following benefits:

  • Ability to determine
    licensing requirements
    and cost
  • Control of project
  • NO royalty-based
    fees and NO per-use
    fees for this technology