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Teigha Kernel: OdGsModel invalidation methods

Teigha Graphic System allows to cache graphic objects to increase the performance. However there are conditions when cached data quality becomes too rough, so Teigha Graphic System provides several methods of invalidation (regeneration) these data. This video illustrates different invalidation (regeneration) methods.

Teigha Cloud: Implementing Clients on Mobile Platforms

When CAD developers create a mobile client for Teigha Cloud, they can face peculiarities on different mobile platforms. This article describes suggestions for developers who want to design their own client on iOS and Android platforms.

ODA Announces Teigha® Developer Conference 2017

Annual meeting for Teigha developers

Scottsdale, AZ: May 17, 2017 – Open Design Alliance (ODA) today announced

Teigha Developer Conference 2017, to be held in Prague, Czech Republic on September 11-12.

Adding an Alpha Channel to a Raster Image

Previously Teigha developers could add an alpha channel to a raster image using the OdGiRasterImage::convert method and subsequently cutting off the background color. However, using the new OdGiRasterImage wrapper OdGiRasterImageAlphaChannelAdder simplifies this task.

Teigha BIM: Measuring Performance and Memory Allocation

Teigha BIM has a test, TB_PerfTest, that measures performance and memory consumption.
Performance can be measured in four modes:
• Reading
• Writing
• Rendering
• Rendering and writing

Exporting .dwg Files to .pdf Files with PRC Support

With Teigha, you can export a .dwg file to a .pdf file that has PRC support.
The easiest way to see how it works is to use the OdaMfcApp sample application and the steps below.
1. Run OdaMfcApp.
2. Open a .dwg or .dxf file.

Finding openings attached to a wall

In Teigha Architecture, objects can be attached to other objects. Such connections are handled by special anchor objects which are stored in a .dwg file just like any other object.

Teigha Mechanical Standards Overview

All Teigha Mechanical entity properties are based on standards. Standards contain information about each entity, such as color, linetype, lineweight, font size, font color, etc. These are the currently supported standards:

Using Incremental Saving for .dwg Files

When working with large .dwg files, sometimes a full save can be slow. Teigha has a new incremental file saving feature for .dwg files that saves only modified data, which is faster than a full save for large files that don’t contain a lot of modifications.

Teigha provides two methods to perform the incremental file save:

Visual Basic Developers Use Teigha

Thanks to Teigha.NET, C++ developers are not the only CAD developers using Teigha. And C# is not the only language that can be used to design a Teigha.NET based application. Visual Basic can be used as well.

Earlier versions of Teigha included only C# sample applications in the Teigha.NET archive, but now a Visual Basic sample application is included: VBDwgAppSwigMgd.