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Creating ACIS Nurbs Surfaces using B-Rep Builder

With Teigha you can create ACIS nurbs surfaces using a B-Rep Builder interface. Currently Teigha has two B-Rep Builder implementations: one in Teigha Kernel named AcisBrepBuilder and the other in Teigha BIM named BmBrepBuilder.

Example b-rep

Teigha BIM: Introduction to FillPatterns [Part 2]


FillPattern rendering is performed when rendering a corresponding shell if the OdGiFill traits attribute is supplied.

rvt rfa Example

Creating Table Elements in .dgn Files

Table elements for .dgn files are supported by Bentley® MicroStation V8i Connect Edition and later. The structure and purpose of .dgn table elements are similar to .dwg table elements. A table is a set of cells arranged in rows and columns. The cells in a table are separated by gridlines, and .dgn table element cells can contain only text data.

To create a .dgn table element:

dgn getting started

Introduction to Bill of Materials in Teigha Mechanical

Teigha Mechanical has a service (service class) named BOM Manager that provides an interface for Bill of Materials tables, parts, and components in a drawing. BOM Manager also provides an interface for BOM rows and their data.

mechanical getting started

Attaching windows to walls

In Teigha Architecture, objects can be attached to other objects. Such connections are handled by special anchor objects which are stored in a .dwg file just like any other object. An anchor is represented by the base class AECDbAnchor. The meaning of the connection between objects can be different: for example, windows are inserted in a wall, or a schedule table is attached to an object.

Architecture Example

Teigha BIM: Introduction to FillPatterns [Part 1]

OdBmFillPatternElem is bound to a face via OdBmFace->OdBmGFilling->PatternId. So while traversing faces in BrepRenderer, for every face we obtain an OdBmFillPatternElem ID via IBrFace->getFillPatternId(). See the code below:

rvt rfa Example

ODA Releases Teigha 4.3

Open Design Alliance (ODA) today announced the release of version 4.3 of Teigha, its development platform for engineering applications

News Release

Raster Reference Element Feature in .dgn Files

A raster reference element (OdDgReferenceAttachmentHeader) is actually a non-graphical element that has no graphical element properties as level properties, etc. It can’t be selected like other elements. In fact there is a display and selection problem with it.


Part References Overview

Part references are used to pick any geometry and mark it as a part. The referenced part will have a special behavior that allows it to interact with Bill Of Materials and allows it to be included in other drawings or assemblies through xreferences.

mechanical geometry

Creating PRC Boundary Representation Topology with Trimming Loops

To create a boundary representation model (for example, a cone) with trimming loops, use the following steps:

prc b-rep