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Importing PDF is Now Standard with Teigha

With released Teigha 2019, ODA members have a new way of importing .pdf files as underlays using Teigha’s new PdfiumModule module. The module is based on the Pdfium library developed by Google. Pdfium is available as open source and free of charge. Previously ODA members could import .pdf files as underlays using the PdfVIModule module but at an additional cost.

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Using Qt with Teigha

Teigha Viewer is a free application that anyone can use to render .dwg and .dgn files and developers can use to test their custom TX modules. It’s also an example of using Qt to develop with Teigha.

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Working with B-Reps

In Teigha you can work with solids and shells using boundary representations, or B-Reps. In different Teigha products, Teigha Drawings (for working with both .dwg and .dgn files), Teigha PRC, and Teigha BIM, there are separate implementations of B-Rep interfaces, but you can work with them using the common class OdBrBrep.

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ODA Releases Teigha Civil 2019

Civil 2019 adds visualization support for superelevation views, cant views, and building sites, as well as pressure pipes, fittings and appurtenances in profile view.

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ODA Releases Teigha® BIM 2019

Version 2019 improves visualization fidelity by adding support for view-specific element graphics. Enhancements were also made to the support for built-in parameters.

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ODA Releases Teigha® Drawings 2019

Open Design Alliance (ODA) today announced the release of version 2019 of Teigha® Drawings, the SDK for accessing .dwg and .dgn data from any application. This release marks the first use of year-based version numbers for ODA products.

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Exporting to .dwf Files with Teigha BIM

Exporting a .dwg file to Autodesk® DWF™ is a well-known feature of Teigha Drawings, and now you can export .rvt/.rfa files to .dwf as well using Teigha BIM.

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What is Open Design Visualize?

The rendering capabilities of the Drawings product are well known, but there is another Open Design product (already available as a part of the basic subscription) that leverages the Drawings visualization and enhances its capabilities.

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Opportunities with Teigha PRC

Teigha PRC allows you to break free from the limits of .pdf-only applications and helps you leverage all the advantages of the PRC format.

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How to use Markups (Redlines) in Teigha Visualize

Teigha Visualize supports features that help with reviewing and editing your files, in particular, creating and saving markups (redlines).

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