Work with Autodesk® Navisworks® files from any application

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Core capabilities

Access to Navisworks® file data

Retrieve hierarchy of objects

Get geometry data such as point sets, line sets, meshes, text objects, circles, cylinders etc

Interactive 3D visualization on desktop or web


Access all data in .nwd, .nwf and .nwc files through a cross-platform, object-oriented API.
  • Version 2013+ files supported.
  • All geometry including points, lines, meshes, circles, cylinders and transformation matrices
  • Material data including ambient, diffuse, specular, and emissive colors, as well as coefficients of transparency and shininess
  • Hierarchy tree of file contents
  • Current view data including point of target, point of position, etc., as well as saved views
  • Background colors
  • Links to models along with transformations for .nwf files
Interactive 3D visualization of Navisworks® files on desktop or web.

Spatial filtering and other performance enhancing techniques provide fast visualization for large models.

Multi-Format Views

Combine files from multiple formats, including .dwg, .dgn, Autodesk® Navisworks®, Autodesk® Revit®, IFC and more, into a single multi-format view.


Use a set of standard features for navigating through a model such as zoom, pan, 3d rotation and more.

Selection and Inspection

Traverse the model hierarchy, select individual elements, and inspect properties of elements.

Materials and Lighting

Use materials and lighting effects to create a high-quality, realistic visual representation of a model.

Visual Styles

Use different visual styles to customize your rendering of silhouettes, obscured (hidden) edges, transparency and more.

Combine multiple models in different formats, into a single Navisworks® file.
Create Navisworks Files from Mesh Data

A convenient API allows any mesh, point or line data to be saved to a Navisworks file, supporting Navisworks export from any application.

Convert Other Formats to Navisworks

Convert any supported file, including .dwg, .dgn, IFC, Autodesk® Revit®, IFC and more, to a Navisworks file.

Collision detection, cutting planes and more.
Collision Detection

Real-time detection of collisions between model elements.

Cutting Planes

Use multiple cutting planes to expose and inspect interior sections of a model.

Common Data Access

Access model tree and object properties through ODA’s Common Data Access (CDA) API.

Optimized Loading

Partial loading and multi-threaded loading provide high performance for large data sets.

Tiered licensing with transparent pricing.
BimNv Licensing Fees

BimNv is available to Sustaining and higher ODA members for the following fees:

  • Sustaining members: $5,000 per year
  • Founding and Corporate members: $10,000 per year

See pricing page for more details.

Web Applications & SaaS

Web applications (including SaaS) are permitted under the Sustaining, Founding and Corporate membership levels (no limits on distribution).


ODA offers free technical support for BimNv.

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