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Creating Textured Materials using Helper Classes for Assets in Teigha BIM

Teigha BIM supports fourteen default materials: Ceramic, Concrete, Generic, Glazing, Hardwood, MasonryCMU, Metal, MetallicPaint, Mirror, PlasticVinyl, SolidGlass, Stone, WallPaint and Water. Each material has a rendering asset, which contains material rendering properties, such as color, finishing style, bumping and so on. Textures can also be defined for a material.

Example rvt rfa

Using Collada Import with Teigha BIM

COLLADA is short for Collaborative Design Activity. DAE files are based on the XML COLLADA format, and they are used by various graphics programs to exchange digital assets under the same format. Each file consists of a set of elements that are images, lights, geometries, effects, materials, cameras, etc.

b-rep rvt rfa

Working with .sat and .sab Files in Teigha

Teigha uses .sat and .sab files to define 3D geometry of 3D entities (OdDbRegion, OdDbBody, OdDb3dSolid, OdDbSurface, etc.).

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Cross Sections and Views in Teigha PRC

With Teigha PRC it is possible to create named views with or without cross sections. To include a custom view in a .pdf document, you must create a special view object in Teigha PRC and set up a camera for the view.

prc pdf export

Teigha Civil’s 3D Feature Line Entity

There are two ways of drawing feature lines: by 2D polyline (OdDbPolyline object) and by 3D polyline (OdDb3dPolyline object). The difference in elevation values affects all site feature edge points. If all elevations are equal, the feature line will be drawn via an OdDbPolyline entity, else via OdDb3dPolyline. In the 2D case, OdDbPolyline consists of eLine and eArc edges of type (AECCSiteEdge::Type). The OdDb3dPolyline entity consists of eLine types only and for arcs interpolation purposes uses tessellation (short, straight line segments) based on explode functionalities.

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Using the OdPrcCreate Example

The main Teigha PRC example for “how to create” is the OdPrcCreate example located in the \Prc\Examples\OdPrcCreate folder. The release package includes a prebuilt OdPrcCreate.exe application in the “exe” folder. Also a project file is available in the release packages (for Microsoft® Windows®). So it is possible to start the prebuilt application or debug it using Microsoft Visual Studio.

prc Example

Attaching and Validating Digital Signatures for .dwg Files

With the new release of Teigha 4.3.1, you can attach digital signatures to your .dwg files and validate a .dwg file’s digital signature. A digital signature indicates who the file came from and the file’s state when the digital signature was created, and validation confirms this information.

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Visual Styles in Teigha BIM

Similar to Teigha Drawings, Teigha BIM also has visual styles for rendering elements in a View. However, with Teigha Drawings visual styles are separate elements in the database, and with Teigha BIM visual styles are part of the View.

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ODA Releases Teigha BIM 4.3.1

Open Design Alliance (ODA) today announced the release of version 4.3.1 of Teigha BIM, its SDK for Autodesk® Revit® files. Version 4.3.1 introduces support for version 2018 .rvt and .rfa files, and contains a number of additional enhancements.

News Release rvt rfa

ODA Releases Teigha 4.3.1

Open Design Alliance (ODA) today announced the release of version 4.3.1 of Teigha, its development platform for engineering applications. Teigha 4.3.1 contains production support for version 2018 .dwg files, including architectural, civil and mechanical custom objects.

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