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Working with Surface Fit Polygon Meshes

A polygon mesh can be of the surface fit type, which defines the polygon mesh using an approximation method to create an object that is more smooth. In Teigha, polygon mesh surface fit is provided by the following function:

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Using Teigha Low-Level and High-Level Multithreading APIs Together

This article describes Teigha Kernel Multithreading functionality. This is addition for previous two articles about multithreading. It is describes usage of combination of low-level and high-level API’s. Previous two articles describe usage of high-level and low-level multithreading API’s separately.

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Teigha Mechanical: Creating BOM Tables

Bill Of Materials (BOM) is a table that holds all parts and components with corresponding data and attributes. The logical representation is a table with rows, and each row refers to a part or component.

There are three ways that a BOM table can be created:

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How to Get Element Parameters in Teigha BIM

This article describes just some of the Teigha BIM features used for obtaining and implementing element parameters.

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Creating Linearized .pdf Files with Teigha

This article describes linearized .pdf files and how to create them with Teigha.

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Overriding Visual Styles of Elements in Teigha BIM

Learn how to override Visual Styles of the elements in Teigha BIM.

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Creating a DatumTarget in Teigha Mechanical

A brief update about the recent Teigha Mechanical changes

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Using JavaScript with Teigha Publish to Switch Views

Using JavaScript when switching predefined views (View) for OdAnnotation is considered based on the PublishTemplate * examples. The main points of the source code are discussed in this article.

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Teigha Multithreading Low-Level API (Part 3 of 4)

This article is part of a series about the low-level API used for multithreading.

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ODA Expands Teigha File Format Support

Open Design Alliance (ODA) today announced the availability of STL (stereolithography) and OBJ file support within its Teigha product line. STL is widely used for 3D printing and rapid prototyping, while OBJ serves as an open exchange format for many 3D design solutions.

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