Major .NET SDK Update

Open Design Alliance

November 13, 2023

Due to increased demand for API support in C# and Java for various SDKs such as Architecture, IFC and BimRv we decided to move from manual maintenance to automating their creation from native C++.  Additionally, this update brings consistency in form of unified namespace and naming system and creating accordance of C# modules to the organization of the original C++ modules.

Technical details can be found at our forum

Availability and Future Releases

New .NET archives are already available in 2024.6 release and beyond along with the old version. 

Please note that the updated wrappers will be the only available option starting from January 2024. 

Updated documentation will be available starting 2024.11 release. 

Transition Details and Instruction 

For our customers transitioning to the new wrappers, the process will involve updating project references to link the new modules and renaming old classes and namespaces to align with the new ones. To assist in this transition, we plan to release a renaming tool by the end of May. This tool will include a dictionary mapping old to new types and can process C# code files to automatically replace old type names with new ones. While it may not cover every scenario, as it doesn't perform a complete project-wide parsing, it will significantly reduce the manual workload for developers.

Video instruction:

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In case you encounter any issues, we are offering scheduled calls between November 2023 and January 2024. You can book a session using this Calendly Link.