Defining the future of .dwg-based CAD

Erik De Keyser CEO, Bricsys nv

“We couldn’t take BricsCAD® forward without the help of the ODA. Our in-house developers focus on UX, our Building Information Modeling products and bringing the power of Artificial Intelligence to CAD. If we didn’t have access to the Drawings SDK, we would need a huge team dedicated just to .dwg interoperability. That wouldn’t be profitable for us. Our ODA membership is a win-win for all concerned.”

Erik De Keyser
CEO, Bricsys nv

Member Profile

Founded in 2002, and a founding member of the ODA, Bricsys is bringing the future of the .dwg format to drafting, general design and Building Information Modeling (BIM). Now a part of global technology leader Hexagon AB, Bricsys is revolutionizing the CAD world with the BricsCAD family of products. BricsCAD® is offered as a modern, cost-effective alternative to conventional CAD tools. Highly compatible, very familiar and easy to learn are key attributes of the BricsCAD® editions. Find out more today at

Key Benefits of ODA Software

The Bricsys team has estimated that it would take 50-person-years to re-create the Drawings SDK from scratch. High-fidelity .dwg compatibility is critical to the success of their flagship CAD product, BricsCAD®. Thanks to the Drawings SDK, the team at Bricsys is free to innovate on the latest in user experience and machine-learning based design tools. The quality and stability of the Drawings SDK ensures that BricsCAD® exceeds customer expectations regarding .dwg accuracy and compatibility.

Technologies Used