Seamless interoperability between CAD and GIS

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Since it was founded in California in 1969 Esri has been developing GIS solutions. Esri software is now used by more than 350,000 government and commercial organizations worldwide and has become a standard for many public bodies.

Esri’s world-leading product, ArcGIS, lets users easily author data, maps, globes and models and serve them out for use on a desktop, in CAD, in a browser or via mobile devices. ArcGIS gives developers the tools to build their own applications.

Key Benefits of ODA Software

As a Founding Member of ODA, Esri uses the ODA Platform so that it can read and write .dwg/.dxf files. Esri uses this capability to effectively create and maintain GIS formatted data within the .dwg/.dxf file with Esri’s own form of extended attribution, called the Mapping Specification for CAD (MSC).

Esri uses ODA’s BIM, Drawings and Civil capabilities to directly open the rich content of these files as virtual GIS features, effectively removing the burden of conversion and translation to users in their desktop applications. That content is accessible across their ArcGIS platform to cloud, web, mobile and other desktops like any other GIS data.

Technologies Used