IntelliCAD Technology Consortium

IntelliCAD Technology Consortium

Open CAD development cooperative creating a full-featured CAD engine and development platform based on ODA technology

Member Profile

Founded in 1999, the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium is a non-profit cooperative directed by its members to create open-source CAD technology. The result is a complete CAD engine and development platform: IntelliCAD. ITC members use the IntelliCAD platform to create some of the most popular CAD engines and applications for surveyors, architects, and engineers. As a result, millions of end users are working and drawing in products based on IntelliCAD in more than 130 countries.

Key Benefits of ODA Software

As Dave Lorenzo, President of the ITC, comments, “Not only is it much more efficient and cost effective for us to be an ODA Founding Member — it would be impossible for us to try to produce and maintain similar technology.”

The real power of ODA is the cooperation of its members — many are competitors who work together to create the highest quality toolkits for the open exchange of industry-standard formats. The combined usage of the ODA Platform by its members provides more exposure, and results in higher quality libraries than any single ODA member could create on their own.

Since ODA is a non-profit open cooperative, we know all funding is used for development and that the focus will remain on its exchange platform without competing with ODA member end-user solutions.

Technologies Used