Smart design of BIM software based on the ODA Platform

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4M has been providing the engineering community with advanced CAD and building design verticals since 1986 and with stand-alone BIM integrated solutions since 2000. The continuous growth and dominance of BIM creates the need for powerful software solutions capable of automating the multi-dimensional, multi-parametric and collaborative building design process, which is a big challenge.

Key Benefits of ODA Software

Based on the ODA Platform, the latest generation of the 4M BIM suite was designed on a new, re-engineered 64-bit architecture with the building entities/objects natively defined within the ODA CAD engine as custom entities in native .dwg format. The continuously improved Drawings runtime engine, the customizable graphics, the cloud extension and the native .dwg support in conjunction with the 4M BIM innovative design, ensure a promising future for new 4M BIM generations to come. The final product offers impressive performance in terms of stability and speed, open communication due to the .dwg and IFC compatibilities, plus a seamless integration environment.

Technologies Used