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Teigha Kernel: OdGsView Interactivity Mode

Interactivity mode is a new feature of the Teigha graphics system . It allows for automatic interruption of the drawing process if the process is taking a long time. Of course in this case the drawing will not be drawn completely, but this feature can be useful for multiple consecutive redraws when the result of the intermediate redraw is not so important.

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Creating ACIS Nurbs Surfaces using B-Rep Builder

With Teigha you can create ACIS nurbs surfaces using a B-Rep Builder interface. Currently Teigha has two B-Rep Builder implementations: one in Teigha Kernel named AcisBrepBuilder and the other in Teigha BIM named BmBrepBuilder.

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What’s New in Visual Styles for the Teigha BIM Sample Application

Recently the Graphic Display Options dialog was improved in the OdaBimApp sample application. Please find those changes n the article below.

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Working with Colors in Teigha PRC

Briefly about the PRC file structure: colors and styles arrays.

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Using SpaModeler

This article describes how to create the SpaModeler module and use it in the ODAMfcApp sample application.

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Creating 3D Views in Teigha BIM Using Commands

In Teigha BIM source code, commands are implemented in the form of a container and usually a separate project. At this point in Teigha BIM there is a TB_DevGuideCommands project for this. The project is built into a file with the extension ".tx".

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Using the New Measurement Functionality when Exporting to Adobe® .pdf Files

Teigha’s PDF Export functionality now supports accurate measurements of CAD data in exported .pdf files. Let’s look at how it can be used and how it looks in a .pdf file.

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Creating Textured Materials using Helper Classes for Assets in Teigha BIM

Teigha BIM supports fourteen default materials: Ceramic, Concrete, Generic, Glazing, Hardwood, MasonryCMU, Metal, MetallicPaint, Mirror, PlasticVinyl, SolidGlass, Stone, WallPaint and Water. Each material has a rendering asset, which contains material rendering properties, such as color, finishing style, bumping and so on. Textures can also be defined for a material.

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Using the OdPrcCreate Example

The main Teigha PRC example for “how to create” is the OdPrcCreate example located in the \Prc\Examples\OdPrcCreate folder. The release package includes a prebuilt OdPrcCreate.exe application in the “exe” folder. Also a project file is available in the release packages (for Microsoft® Windows®). So it is possible to start the prebuilt application or debug it using Microsoft Visual Studio.

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Attaching and Validating Digital Signatures for .dwg Files

With the new release of Teigha 4.3.1, you can attach digital signatures to your .dwg files and validate a .dwg file’s digital signature. A digital signature indicates who the file came from and the file’s state when the digital signature was created, and validation confirms this information.

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