Try ODA Facet Modeler in an ODA Example Application (Part 1 of 2)

Vladimir Savelyev

March 12, 2020

ODA Facet Modeler works with faceted B-Rep bodies and 2D contours. You can experiment with many Facet Modeler features easily using the example application available to all ODA members, including trial members.

The ExFMBody example module demonstrates many Facet Modeler features using commands to create and perform operations on Facet Modeler bodies. Facet Modeler bodies are encapsulated in OdDb custom entities, so they can be added to OdDbDatabase, saved to a .dwg file, and so on.

To run Facet Modeler example commands, you need to load the ExFMBody example module in the OdaMfcApp application.

  1. Launch the OdaMfcApp example application.
  2. Choose Tools -> Load Applications.
  3. Click Load, and select the ExFMBody.tx module.

Then it will appear in the list:


ExFMBody example module


Now you can run the example commands:


OdaMfcApp ODA Facet Modeler example commands


Running the Boolean Demonstration

Run the FMBooleanDemo command to see Boolean operations on bodies. The initial body is created as the command starts.

To see it, click Zoom Extents. If desired, switch to Shaded render mode to see solid faces, not just the wireframe. And you can rotate the body with the Orbit tool during the demo to see how the model looks from different sides.

At the first step you see an initial blue cylinder:


an initial blue cylinder


Press the Enter key to see the next steps. You see the construction of the model:


the construction of the model


You can continue exploring the sample commands on your own, or wait for the next article in this series that will show how to use the sample commands to create bodies and perform Boolean operations.