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Using a “Fence” or Planar Element to Clip a .dgn Drawing for PDF Export

Meeting the ODA member requests, the ability to clip a .dgn drawing during export to a .pdf file was made available.

dgn export pdf

Creating Table Elements in .dgn Files

Table elements for .dgn files are supported by Bentley® MicroStation V8i Connect Edition and later. The structure and purpose of .dgn table elements are similar to .dwg table elements. A table is a set of cells arranged in rows and columns. The cells in a table are separated by gridlines, and .dgn table element cells can contain only text data.

To create a .dgn table element:

dgn getting started

Raster Reference Element Feature in .dgn Files

A raster reference element (OdDgReferenceAttachmentHeader) is actually a non-graphical element that has no graphical element properties as level properties, etc. It can’t be selected like other elements. In fact there is a display and selection problem with it.