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Using a “Fence” or Planar Element to Clip a .dgn Drawing for PDF Export

Meeting the ODA member requests, the ability to clip a .dgn drawing during export to a .pdf file was made available.

dgn export pdf

Controlling the File Size of Exported .pdf Files

Some suggestions on how to reduce exported .pdf file size.

pdf export getting started

Using the New Measurement Functionality when Exporting to Adobe® .pdf Files

Teigha’s PDF Export functionality now supports accurate measurements of CAD data in exported .pdf files. Let’s look at how it can be used and how it looks in a .pdf file.

pdf Example export

Cross Sections and Views in Teigha PRC

With Teigha PRC it is possible to create named views with or without cross sections. To include a custom view in a .pdf document, you must create a special view object in Teigha PRC and set up a camera for the view.

prc pdf export

Questions and Answers about PDF Export Settings and Plot Settings

There is often a misunderstanding between general plot settings and specific settings for exporting drawings to .pdf files. This can lead to a misunderstanding of how to implement a feature for exporting a drawing, and we also receive suggestions to add functionality to the PDF export settings when that functionality already exists in the general plot settings.

export pdf Example

PDF Export: Using Monochrome and Grayscale Modes

Sometimes it is necessary to export a drawing to the PDF format as a grayscale or monochrome document. The usual way to do it is using plot styles: monochrome.ctb/stb and grayscale.ctb/stb.

pdf export getting started

Exporting .dwg Files to .pdf Files with PRC Support

With Teigha, you can export a .dwg file to a .pdf file that has PRC support.
The easiest way to see how it works is to use the OdaMfcApp sample application and the steps below.
1. Run OdaMfcApp.
2. Open a .dwg or .dxf file.

export pdf prc

Exporting part of a CAD drawing to a .pdf file

Sometimes Teigha subscribers ask: How do I export to a .pdf file only a certain part of a drawing instead of the whole drawing? Maybe it is not obvious because there is a default option ZoomToExtents in the PDF Export settings, and the same option is set by default in the PDFExportDialog of the OdaMfcApp sample application.

pdf Example

Using PDF/A in Teigha PDF Export

Teigha includes a PDF export module that can be used to export CAD file formats to high quality PDF. The export module includes a number of options that allow Teigha client applications to fine-tune the contents of the resulting PDF file. This article explains how to configure PDF export to generate PDF/A documents.

export pdf Example