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Using SpaModeler

This article describes how to create the SpaModeler module and use it in the ODAMfcApp sample application.

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Teigha Mechanical: HoleChartCompleteTable and HoleChartOverviewTable creation

HoleChartCompleteTable and HoleChartOverviewTable are parts of the complex entity HoleChart. Creation of HoleChart tables is an important step to make all components of HoleChart work correctly.

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Basic Information about using JavaScript in Teigha Publish

The use of JavaScript in the production of .pdf documents allows you to create interactive .pdf documents.

JavaScript scripts can be used to:

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Frequently Asked: How do I disable/enable lights inside blocks?

By default, displaying light sources inside block inserts is enabled and Teigha rendering takes them into account. But large drawings can contain many light sources which can seriously downgrade rendering performance.

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Creating Text Elements in Teigha BIM

Text notes are created and registered in the database with the usual element interfaces; you only need to define text-specific data.

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Teigha Mechanical: Bill Of Materials Physical Data Model in OdDbDatabase

Bill Of Materials is a table that holds all parts and components with corresponding data and attributes. The logical representation is quite easy to understand but the physical data model of a BOM table is a complex concept that includes components, parts and data containers.

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Frequently Asked: How can I modify drawn colors from my application during display?

Sometimes rendering applications require a modification to drawn colors during rendering without a long update of geometry cache.

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External Parameter Definitions in Teigha BIM

Teigha BIM supports external parameter definitions, which are entities stored in external text files and not included in project/family documents but can be imported into documents. Parameter elements of the ParamElemExternal class store the guid of an external parameter definition.

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Working with .sat and .sab Files in Teigha

Teigha uses .sat and .sab files to define 3D geometry of 3D entities (OdDbRegion, OdDbBody, OdDb3dSolid, OdDbSurface, etc.).

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Teigha Civil’s 3D Feature Line Entity

There are two ways of drawing feature lines: by 2D polyline (OdDbPolyline object) and by 3D polyline (OdDb3dPolyline object). The difference in elevation values affects all site feature edge points. If all elevations are equal, the feature line will be drawn via an OdDbPolyline entity, else via OdDb3dPolyline. In the 2D case, OdDbPolyline consists of eLine and eArc edges of type (AECCSiteEdge::Type). The OdDb3dPolyline entity consists of eLine types only and for arcs interpolation purposes uses tessellation (short, straight line segments) based on explode functionalities.

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