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Teigha Viewer: An Easy Way to Get Familiar with Teigha

If you are new to Teigha and want to try its features without a login and trial license agreement, you can download Teigha Viewer — a free application that illustrates Teigha features. Download Teigha Viewer from this page. Choose the version that fits your requirements (operating system, etc.).

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Notes about using xrefs

Xref (short for eXternal REFerence) is, as the name suggests, a reference to an external .dwg file. External references are often used to split big files into smaller ones; the smaller files are referenced by one “host” file, and the smaller files can be processed by different engineers independently and simultaneously. Other uses of external references are to make block libraries or underlays.

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Introducing Teigha Cloud Architecture

One of the new directions for Teigha is the cloud. With Teigha Cloud, people can work with drawings remotely from any place — home, office, restaurant.

Teigha Cloud consists of the following architecture:

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Using samples to get acquainted with the PRC format

Teigha PRC is a toolkit for reading, rendering and creating PRC files (also known as 3D PDF). It is included in a standard Teigha subscription. PRC (Product Representation Compact) is a 3D file format that is used to represent 3D model data. The main purpose of the PRC format is to provide a compact binary form for CAD data visualization.

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