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.dwg Toolset

Integrate .dwg support into any application or build your own .dwg-based visualization or authoring tools.

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BIM Suite

Interoperability toolkits for Autodesk® Revit® files, Autodesk® Navisworks® files, IFC, and more.

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Technology Stack

Sophisticated components for visualization, web development, publishing, modeling, and more.

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ODA DevCon 2019

Milan, Italy, September 10-11th

New Opportunities
with BIM + Cloud

ODA is pleased to announce our 6th annual DevCon event, with a change in venue this year. Join us in Milan to learn about the latest advancements in ODA technology, and consult with the ODA team.

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Open Design Alliance is a non-profit technology consortium of 1200 member companies, working together to develop solutions for complex enginering design problems. 

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    Non-profit with 80% of revenue to R&D

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    1200 member companies world-wide

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