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Using the New Measurement Functionality when Exporting to Adobe® .pdf Files

Teigha’s PDF Export functionality now supports accurate measurements of CAD data in exported .pdf files. Let’s look at how it can be used and how it looks in a .pdf file.

pdf Example export

Cross Sections and Views in Teigha PRC

With Teigha PRC it is possible to create named views with or without cross sections. To include a custom view in a .pdf document, you must create a special view object in Teigha PRC and set up a camera for the view.

prc pdf export

Questions and Answers about PDF Export Settings and Plot Settings

There is often a misunderstanding between general plot settings and specific settings for exporting drawings to .pdf files. This can lead to a misunderstanding of how to implement a feature for exporting a drawing, and we also receive suggestions to add functionality to the PDF export settings when that functionality already exists in the general plot settings.

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PDF Export: Using Monochrome and Grayscale Modes

Sometimes it is necessary to export a drawing to the PDF format as a grayscale or monochrome document. The usual way to do it is using plot styles: monochrome.ctb/stb and grayscale.ctb/stb.

pdf export getting started

Exporting .dwg Files to .pdf Files with PRC Support

With Teigha, you can export a .dwg file to a .pdf file that has PRC support.
The easiest way to see how it works is to use the OdaMfcApp sample application and the steps below.
1. Run OdaMfcApp.
2. Open a .dwg or .dxf file.

export pdf prc

Exporting part of a CAD drawing to a .pdf file

Sometimes Teigha subscribers ask: How do I export to a .pdf file only a certain part of a drawing instead of the whole drawing? Maybe it is not obvious because there is a default option ZoomToExtents in the PDF Export settings, and the same option is set by default in the PDFExportDialog of the OdaMfcApp sample application.

pdf Example

Using PDF/A in Teigha PDF Export

Teigha includes a PDF export module that can be used to export CAD file formats to high quality PDF. The export module includes a number of options that allow Teigha client applications to fine-tune the contents of the resulting PDF file. This article explains how to configure PDF export to generate PDF/A documents.

export pdf Example