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Importing PDF is Now Standard with Teigha

With released Teigha 2019, ODA members have a new way of importing .pdf files as underlays using Teigha’s new PdfiumModule module. The module is based on the Pdfium library developed by Google. Pdfium is available as open source and free of charge. Previously ODA members could import .pdf files as underlays using the PdfVIModule module but at an additional cost.

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Exporting to .dwf Files with Teigha BIM

Exporting a .dwg file to Autodesk® DWF™ is a well-known feature of Teigha Drawings, and now you can export .rvt/.rfa files to .dwf as well using Teigha BIM.

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Creating Linearized .pdf Files with Teigha

This article describes linearized .pdf files and how to create them with Teigha.

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Using JavaScript with Teigha Publish to Switch Views

Using JavaScript when switching predefined views (View) for OdAnnotation is considered based on the PublishTemplate * examples. The main points of the source code are discussed in this article.

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Adding Predefined Controls to 3D Models using Teigha Publish

For quick document creation of 3D models using Teigha Publish, there is a class OdAnnotation with a set of functions that implement ready-to-use basic controls.

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Using a “Fence” or Planar Element to Clip a .dgn Drawing for PDF Export

Meeting the ODA member requests, the ability to clip a .dgn drawing during export to a .pdf file was made available.

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Controlling the File Size of Exported .pdf Files

Some suggestions on how to reduce exported .pdf file size.

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Teigha BIM: Export to SVG

Export of .rvt/.rfa files to .svg.

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Teigha Publish and Basic Controls

A video article about basic controls, that may be created using Teigha Publish API.

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Working with Colors in Teigha PRC

Briefly about the PRC file structure: colors and styles arrays.

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