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Opportunities with Teigha PRC

Teigha PRC allows you to break free from the limits of .pdf-only applications and helps you leverage all the advantages of the PRC format.

prc getting started

Teigha PRC: Using OdPrcMarkupLinkedItem

OdPrcMarkupLinkedItem is similar to OdPrcReference. As an OdPrcReference, it can be used to override an entity’s location, appearance and linestyle.

prc Example getting started

Working with Colors in Teigha PRC

Briefly about the PRC file structure: colors and styles arrays.

prc export Example

Cross Sections and Views in Teigha PRC

With Teigha PRC it is possible to create named views with or without cross sections. To include a custom view in a .pdf document, you must create a special view object in Teigha PRC and set up a camera for the view.

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Using the OdPrcCreate Example

The main Teigha PRC example for “how to create” is the OdPrcCreate example located in the \Prc\Examples\OdPrcCreate folder. The release package includes a prebuilt OdPrcCreate.exe application in the “exe” folder. Also a project file is available in the release packages (for Microsoft® Windows®). So it is possible to start the prebuilt application or debug it using Microsoft Visual Studio.

prc Example

Creating PRC Boundary Representation Topology with Trimming Loops

To create a boundary representation model (for example, a cone) with trimming loops, use the following steps:

prc b-rep

Teigha PRC: Decompressing Tesselations

In Teigha PRC, an OdPrcHighlyCompressed3dTess can be decompressed into an OdPrc3dTess.
To do it:

prc compression/decompression

Exporting .dwg Files to .pdf Files with PRC Support

With Teigha, you can export a .dwg file to a .pdf file that has PRC support.
The easiest way to see how it works is to use the OdaMfcApp sample application and the steps below.
1. Run OdaMfcApp.
2. Open a .dwg or .dxf file.

export pdf prc

Using samples to get acquainted with the PRC format

Teigha PRC is a toolkit for reading, rendering and creating PRC files (also known as 3D PDF). It is included in a standard Teigha subscription. PRC (Product Representation Compact) is a 3D file format that is used to represent 3D model data. The main purpose of the PRC format is to provide a compact binary form for CAD data visualization.

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