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Working with Labels in Teigha BIM

LabelUtilsPE is a protocol extension (PE) that moves label related functionality outside of core Teigha BIM functionality, allowing Teigha BIM member developers to implement their own protocol extension for support of different localizations. For now, a protocol extension with English labels is implemented as an example.

rvt rfa extensions

Teigha BIM: Measuring Performance and Memory Allocation

Teigha BIM has a test, TB_PerfTest, that measures performance and memory consumption.
Performance can be measured in four modes:
• Reading
• Writing
• Rendering
• Rendering and writing

rvt rfa performance

Using Teigha BIM and COLLADA to Examine Autodesk® Revit® File Geometry

If you're new to working with Autodesk® Revit® files, looking at a file's geometry can be a good place to start. The file is actually a set of elements that correspond to BIM components such as walls or dimensions.

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