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Extracting Image Files from OdDbOle2Frame Entities

When trying to extract image files from OLE2 frame entities, OdDbOle2Frame has the getCompoundDocument() method to get the streamBuf, but this is a stream of compound documents and not an image.

Raster image Example

Working with raster image wrappers

Raster image wrappers provide a way to modify raster image data without modifying the original raster image. Each raster image wrapper stores a smart pointer to the original image and can get any data from the original image and return it with or without modifications. Actually, by using raster image wrappers we can construct a conveyor for multi-pass image processing.

Raster image Example

Creating raster images from scratch

The OdGiRasterImage interface gives the ability to implement raster image creation from various types of source data in a few steps, and the resulting raster image will be accepted by all image processing functionality, similar to a raster image loaded from file source. In this article, we will create a gradient image from scratch.

Raster image Example

Working with raster image files

A question we’re often asked is: How do I modify raster image data in Teigha? Sometimes a developer is confused by the absence of raster image editing functions in the OdGiRasterImage API, which contains only raster image data getters. This article shows how raster images can be modified after loading.

Raster image Example