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ODA Expands Teigha File Format Support

Open Design Alliance (ODA) today announced the availability of STL (stereolithography) and OBJ file support within its Teigha product line. STL is widely used for 3D printing and rapid prototyping, while OBJ serves as an open exchange format for many 3D design solutions.

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Working with .sat and .sab Files in Teigha

Teigha uses .sat and .sab files to define 3D geometry of 3D entities (OdDbRegion, OdDbBody, OdDb3dSolid, OdDbSurface, etc.).

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Converting code using OdString and OdAnsiString classes

Sometimes developers want to convert some text from multi-byte coding to Unicode or UTF and back. For this purpose, the OdString and OdAnsiString classes may be used. Starting with Teigha version 4.3.0, CP_UTF_8 coding was included in the supported coding list.

For example, the following array of characters in UTF-8 coding is “Test string” in Russian:

conversion Example