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Frequently Asked: What is OdGiGeometrySimplifier and the geometry simplification levels?

The OdGiGeometrySimplifier class (in Teigha examples/extensions source code) is frequently used inside a geometry conveyor to transform Gi geometry primitives into simpler forms. For example, polygons can be simplified into a set of triangles; text can be simplified into a set of triangles and polylines, and so on. The simplification method for each kind of geometry primitive after simplification calls virtual methods for a simpler level of geometry.

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Working with .sat and .sab Files in Teigha

Teigha uses .sat and .sab files to define 3D geometry of 3D entities (OdDbRegion, OdDbBody, OdDb3dSolid, OdDbSurface, etc.).

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Part References Overview

Part references are used to pick any geometry and mark it as a part. The referenced part will have a special behavior that allows it to interact with Bill Of Materials and allows it to be included in other drawings or assemblies through xreferences.

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