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Graphic System Overlays

Complex graphic scenes with a large number of elements are sometimes drawn slowly. In this case, dynamic graphic elements (such as cursors, grip/snap points, selection rectangles, user interface elements, and so on) are drawn slowly too because to correctly combine graphic scenes and dynamic graphic elements, the renderer must redraw all underlying scene elements.

rendering performance Example

Teigha BIM: Measuring Performance and Memory Allocation

Teigha BIM has a test, TB_PerfTest, that measures performance and memory consumption.
Performance can be measured in four modes:
• Reading
• Writing
• Rendering
• Rendering and writing

rvt rfa performance

Using Incremental Saving for .dwg Files

When working with large .dwg files, sometimes a full save can be slow. Teigha has a new incremental file saving feature for .dwg files that saves only modified data, which is faster than a full save for large files that don’t contain a lot of modifications.

Teigha provides two methods to perform the incremental file save:

performance Example