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Exporting to .dwf Files with Teigha BIM

Exporting a .dwg file to Autodesk® DWF™ is a well-known feature of Teigha Drawings, and now you can export .rvt/.rfa files to .dwf as well using Teigha BIM.

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How to Get Element Parameters in Teigha BIM

This article describes just some of the Teigha BIM features used for obtaining and implementing element parameters.

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Overriding Visual Styles of Elements in Teigha BIM

Learn how to override Visual Styles of the elements in Teigha BIM.

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Teigha BIM: Export to SVG

Export of .rvt/.rfa files to .svg.

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ODA Releases Teigha® BIM 4.3.2

Open Design Alliance (ODA) today announced the release of version 4.3.2 of Teigha BIM, its SDK for Autodesk® Revit® files. Version 4.3.2 introduces improved parameter APIs and a new export to 3D PDF, among other enhancements.

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Teigha BIM: Faceted Topologies

There are several types of faceted topology objects in Teigha BIM. This article provides a brief comparison of the topology objects.

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Hosted Families in Teigha BIM

A family can be created using a family template that corresponds to the type of element that the family will create.

The template contains the information required to place the family in projects.

Most of the family templates are named according to the type of element family created from them: wall-based, ceiling-based, floor-based, roof-based, line-based, face-based.

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Creating ACIS Nurbs Surfaces using B-Rep Builder

With Teigha you can create ACIS nurbs surfaces using a B-Rep Builder interface. Currently Teigha has two B-Rep Builder implementations: one in Teigha Kernel named AcisBrepBuilder and the other in Teigha BIM named BmBrepBuilder.

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What’s New in Visual Styles for the Teigha BIM Sample Application

Recently the Graphic Display Options dialog was improved in the OdaBimApp sample application. Please find those changes n the article below.

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Creating Text Elements in Teigha BIM

Text notes are created and registered in the database with the usual element interfaces; you only need to define text-specific data.

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