Membership FAQ

Trial version for non-members

1. Is there a trial version of ODA software available for download by non-ODA members?

Yes, see Free Trial. The following free resources are also available to help you evaluate our software:

  • ODA Toolkit Xtension (TX) SDK can be downloaded from: TX SDK. TX SDK can be used to build plug-ins for any ODA-based application (such as ODA Viewer).  C++ and .NET API's only, cannot be used to build stand-alone apps.
  • ODA Online File Converter is a Java web application which converts .dwg/.dxf files to PDF/BMP. Java sources available: ODA Online File Converter.
  • ODA Viewer is an example application that can render .dwg, .dxf and .dgn files: ODA Viewer.

SIG trial version for ODA members

2. I am an ODA member--how can I sign up for a trial version of a SIG product (Civil SDK, BIM SDK, or Mechanical SDK)?

A SIG trial version can be requested by your member administrative user, via the ODA membership management system. After logging in to the system, follow these instructions to apply for a trial version.

Membership cost

3. What does it cost to become a member? What are the benefits of the various membership levels?

Details about the costs and benefits of the various ODA membership levels can be found here:  

Membership lapsed, rejoining

4. I was a Commercial/Sustaining/Founding member in the past, but my membership lapsed. I would like to reactivate my ODA membership at this same level. Do I have to pay the first-year fee again?

Yes, the first-year fee is applicable in this case.

Membership upgrade discount

5. If I join ODA as a Non-Commercial member and then upgrade later, can I get a discount for the Non-Commercial membership fees that I paid?

If you upgrade within 6 months of joining, ODA will discount the first year fee of the upgraded membership level by the amount of the original first year fee. In addition, the unused portion of the recurring annual fee will be applied against the cost of the upgrade.

How to apply for membership

6. What is the process for apply for an ODA membership?

  1. Go to the ODA pricing page.
  2. Click on the "Apply now" button, and complete the web form, including your company information and requested membership level.
  3. You will then receive an electronic signature request via e-mail, for your Membership Agreement.
  4. After you e-sign the Membership Agreement, you will receive your initial invoice via e-mail.
  5. After ODA receives payment for this invoice, your application will be completed and access to ODA software will be granted.

Annual renewal process

7. What is the process for renewing my ODA membership?

  1. ODA Sends Invoice. Thirty days before the Anniversary Date of your membership, an e-mail is sent to the member's Administrative contact with a renewal invoice and a request to confirm Member’s information.
  2. Member Completes Annual RFI (Request for Information). The Administrative Contact for the Member logs in to the ODA Membership Management System and confirms the Member’s account information (this is a simple process requiring a single button click). From this dashboard, the Administrative Contact can also edit the Member’s account information and manage the users associated with the account.
  3. Member Submits Payment. Payment for the invoice must be submitted by the invoice due date (Anniversary Date).
  4. Credit Card Payments. Can I use a credit card to pay? See this link.
  5. If more than 30 days lead time is required for the annual invoice, please contact the ODA Admin Office.

Definition of 100 seats for Commercial Membership

8. A Commercial membership is limited to distribution of 100 seats--what does this mean?

This means that you can distribute up to 100 copies of a ODA-based application to your customers. Please note the following:

  1. Both paid licenses and trial/evaluation licenses are included in the 100 seat limit.
  2. ODA will request distribution numbers from Commercial members annually to determine continued eligibility for this membership level.
  3. There is no limit on the number of developers who may use ODA software to develop ODA-based applications within your company. 

Credit card payments

9. Can I pay my membership dues via credit card?

ODA accepts credit card payments for amounts less than $1000. For larger amounts, we accept checks, bank wires, or ACH. If you need to use a credit card to make a larger payment due to extenuating circumstances, please contact the ODA Admin Office to arrange a special payment option with an additional 4% processing fee.

Demo applications

10. Where can I find demo applications and other downloads?

Please visit

Tablet application development

11. Can ODA software be used to develop tablet applications?

Yes. ODA fully supports iOS and Android. See this page for a full list of supported platforms.

Programming languages and API's

12. What programming languages & API's does ODA support?

C++, Java, .NET, ActiveX/COM.

Web-based and SaaS deployment

13. What level of ODA membership is required to deploy an ODA-based internet or SaaS application for third-party use?

Only Sustaining and higher subscribers may deploy an SaaS/Web-based Member application for third-party use. Non-Commercial and Commercial subscribers may develop such applications, but may not make them available to any third party. See section 2.1.2 Internet/SaaS/Web-Based Applications, in the Non-Commercial and Commercial membership agreements for more details.


14. What is the U.S. Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) for ODA software?

ODA software is classified as EAR99.

Hiring contractors to do development using ODA software

15. If I hire a contractor to develop an ODA-based application for me, does the contractor need to have a separate ODA membership in order to do ODA-based development?

Per section 2.1.1(d) of the ODA membership agreements, a member may disclose the Development Tools and Derivative Works to member’s contractors for the limited purpose of developing member applications under contract with the Member, with some restrictions. See section 2.1.1(d) of the appropriate membership contract for full details and conditions.

Downloading production version of ODA software

16. After I pay my membership fee, how can I download the production version of ODA software?

Use your member credentials to log in to the ODA Member Portal. From there, proceed to the Downloads page.


License keys for production version of ODA software

17. Does the production version of ODA software require a license key?

Yes, the production version of ODA software requires a license key.

Cost of the BIM SDK

18. What is the total annual cost to license the BIM SDK?

There are 2 options for licensing the ODA BIM SDK:

  1. Join ODA as a Sustaining member ($6K first year, $3,6K/year recurring), plus a Standard BIM license ($5K/year). Total cost is $11K first year, and then $8,6K/year after that.
  2. Join ODA as a Founding member ($30K first year, $14,4K/year recurring), plus a Premium BIM license ($10K/year). Total cost is $40K first year, and then $24,4K/year after that.

For more details, see pricing.