Teigha Xtension (TX) SDK

Teigha Xtension SDK

The Teigha Xtension (TX) SDK is a free SDK based on C++ and .NET. It allows users to create Teigha Xtension modules for use with a Teigha-based host application. The SDK is therefore ideal for CAD end-users and third-party component developers who want to write custom applications for CAD systems based on Teigha.

TX modules can make use of a large subset of the functionality contained in Teigha and Teigha.NET Classic. Users can:

  • Create custom commands that can be registered on the global command stack of a compatible Teigha application.
  • Build full-featured custom objects.
  • Access and manipulate data loaded from a .dwg file.
  • Create additional types of customization.

The TX SDK is used to create TX modules only, not stand-alone applications. TX modules are Microsoft® Windows® DLLs which can be loaded at runtime by a compatible Teigha-based application.

Teigha Viewer can be used as a sample test container for TX modules.

Download Teigha Xtension SDK