Opportunities with Teigha PRC

Alexander Borovikov

May 31, 2018

If you’re using Teigha Drawings, don’t forget you have access to more products including Teigha PRC.

PRC is the Product Representation Compact format, which is a compact binary form used for CAD data when only visualization is required. It is optimized for storing different types of CAD data such as coordinate systems, curves, surfaces, solids, and so on.


The size of the .prc file containing this complex object is only 6 kB

As you probably know, PRC is applied to 3D .pdf files, which are essentially PRC models embedded in a .pdf file. PRC processing is deeply embedded in 3D PDF creation frameworks and contains a limited number of flags and options.

But Teigha is a framework designed by developers for developers, for people who are curious enough to get deep into the details and passionate enough to introduce the most efficient solutions. Teigha PRC allows you to break free from the limits of .pdf-only applications and helps you leverage all the advantages of the PRC format. All basic features of native Teigha support such as reading, writing, editing, creating and rendering are available for Teigha PRC users. Teigha PRC includes all the necessary samples to start working with the PRC format and easily experience all the features:

  • Read .prc files — Use the OdPrcReadEx sample to read a .prc file and output its content.
  • Write .prc files — Use the OdPrcCreate sample to create a new .prc file.
  • Render .prc files — Use the OdaPrcApp sample to render a .prc file and perform many predefined commands that are implemented in the OdPrcExCommands.tx module.

Teigha samples can also help implement converting .dwg and .dgn models to lightweight .prc representations with no loss of 3D information. Those models can be used as an exchange format for quick transferring of the graphics data in web solutions or full-featured CAD systems — simplifying previews and simple rendering tasks.

Not a member? Try it! Similar to other Teigha products, a trial version of Teigha PRC is available.