ODA Webinar Series 2020

Webinars for existing and potential ODA members about new and time-tested ODA features and new opportunities

For developers & project managers


Open Cloud webinar


BimRv webinar


IFC webinar


BimNv webinar

BimRv SDK webinar

2020 April 2211:00 EST

11:00 EST

Interoperability toolkit for Autodesk® Revit® files

What you can do
with BimRv

  • Extend your products to access Revit® data without dependencies on the native Revit® application
  • Build customized workflows for Revit® files on any platform
  • Request special features

BimRv capabilities
for Revit® data

  • Full access to Revit® file data
  • Import geometry, properties, or families into any application
  • Interactive 3D visualization on desktop or web
  • Generate drawings views
  • Publish to 3D PDF
  • Create non-parametric geometry and not-hosted families
  • Export to other formats

Live demo

What’s next.
Upcoming new features

Open Cloud SDK Webinar
2020 March 17

Open Cloud: as a tool, as an opportunity. Deep-dive technical presentations with interactive Q&A sessions.
Project development and technical insight.

What can you do with Open Cloud?

  • Connect teams and projects
  • Improve your DMS
  • Access CAD and BIM data on the web
  • Save money
  • Request special features through the Open Cloud SIG

What Open Cloud can do for you?

  • Visualize and markup
  • Store and manage your CAD and BIM drawings
  • View model hierarchy object properties
  • Store and update user information
  • Export to pdf

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