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Teigha Mechanical: HoleChartCompleteTable and HoleChartOverviewTable creation

HoleChartCompleteTable and HoleChartOverviewTable are parts of the complex entity HoleChart. Creation of HoleChart tables is an important step to make all components of HoleChart work correctly.

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Teigha Mechanical: Bill Of Materials Physical Data Model in OdDbDatabase

Bill Of Materials is a table that holds all parts and components with corresponding data and attributes. The logical representation is quite easy to understand but the physical data model of a BOM table is a complex concept that includes components, parts and data containers.

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Overview of AmdtSystemAttribute in Teigha Mechanical

BOM (Bill Of Materials) Manager is a service class that works with BOM tables, part references and BOM rows. All data held by BOM tables is stored in data containers that call data entries. There are three data entry types: DataEntry, DataEntryPart, and DataEntryBlock. DataEntryPart is connected with part references, and DataEntryBlock is connected with components.

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Creating HoleChartOrigin in Teigha Mechanical

In Teigha Mechanical, HoleChartOrigin is a part of the HoleChart complex entity. Creation of HoleChartOrigin is the first thing to do to make all components of HoleChart work correctly.

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Introduction to Bill of Materials in Teigha Mechanical

Teigha Mechanical has a service (service class) named BOM Manager that provides an interface for Bill of Materials tables, parts, and components in a drawing. BOM Manager also provides an interface for BOM rows and their data.

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Part References Overview

Part references are used to pick any geometry and mark it as a part. The referenced part will have a special behavior that allows it to interact with Bill Of Materials and allows it to be included in other drawings or assemblies through xreferences.

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Teigha Mechanical Standards Overview

All Teigha Mechanical entity properties are based on standards. Standards contain information about each entity, such as color, linetype, lineweight, font size, font color, etc. These are the currently supported standards:

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