C3D Modeler for ODA

C3D Modeler for ODA provides direct integration between ODA Drawings SDK and C3D Modeler, allowing ODA clients to access solid modeling functionality using the ODA standard "OdDb3DSolid" API.

C3D Modeler for ODA is a lightweight version of the full-featured C3D Modeler, and it supports the following functionality:

  • Creation of elementary solids including:
    • Sphere, torus, cylinder, cone, block, wedge, prism, pyramid, plate
  • Creation of complex solids including:
    • Extrusions
    • Revolutions
    • Sweeps
    • Chamfers
    • Fillets
    • Thin-walled solids
    • Solid consisting of a face and a specified underlying surface
  • Boolean operations between two solids

For more information about C3D Labs and C3D Toolkit, see http://c3dlabs.com.

How to Evaluate C3D Modeler for ODA

To get a 60-day evaluation license for C3D Modeler for ODA, please have your account administrator:

  • Sign in to the ODA account admin page.
  • Activate the C3D Modeler for ODA 60-day Evaluation License.
  • Receive a 60-day trial license and signature via e-mail.

How to Subscribe to C3D Modeler for ODA

To subscribe to C3D Modeler for ODA, please have your account administrator:

  • Sign in to the ODA account admin page.
  • Accept the C3D Modeler for ODA licensing agreement under Special Module Licensing.
  • Pay the required fee from the table below.

Once payment has been received, a commercial activation key and signature for C3D Modeler for ODA will be sent to your account administrator via e-mail.

Licensing Fees

Membership Level Annual Fee
Educational $1000
Non-Commercial $2000
Commercial & Sustaining $5000
Founding & Corporate $8000