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Dmitry Popov CTO – Nanosoft

“Joining ODA was absolutely the right decision. The ODA Platform gives us true native .dwg support. It is very important to us to have the freshest .dwg compliance because it is so critical to CAD users.”

Dmitry Popov
CTO – Nanosoft

Member Profile 

At Nanosoft we believe that professional CAD applications should be as affordable as operating systems or VoIP applications so that everyone benefits from better products at lower costs. Any developer can port applications to nanoCAD with ease, and advanced users can also easily tailor preferred applications for use with nanoCAD.

Key Benefits of ODA Software

Working with ODA has been critical to the growth of Nanosoft and a successful nanoCAD. We get excellent .dwg format support from the ODA, and this allows us to provide smooth integration of nanoCAD into customer workflows. There is no problem starting in Autodesk® AutoCAD® then moving to nanoCAD, or a nanoCAD-based vertical application, to make changes and then returning to AutoCAD or another Autodesk product.

Technologies Used