Example of Using Multi-User Editing with OdaMfcApp

Olexandr Shulha

August 22, 2017

This article shows how to launch the "multi-user editor."

Note: The xml schema (TD.txds) must be in the same folder as OdaMfcApp.exe.

  1. Load OdaMfcApp.exe.
  2. Choose Tools -> Options -> UseHistoryFile to enable “UseHistoryFile”.
  3. image1

    Figure 1

  4. Choose Tools -> Load Applications to load the necessary libraries: Td_Tf, Td_UndoHistory, and ExMultiUserEdit.
  5. image2

    Figure 2

  6. Click Load.
  7. image3

    Figure 3

  8. Load the Td_Tf, Td_UndoHistory, and ExMultiUserEdit libraries as shown below.
  9. image4

    Figure 4


    Figure 5


    Figure 6

  10. Verify the load results as shown below.
  11. image7

    Figure 7

  12. The current application will be the server. This server works using localhost ( Create a new drawing, then run the server by choosing Edit -> Registered Commands -> Multi User Edit -> start_server.
  13. image8

    Figure 8

  14. Run the client applications by repeating Steps 1-6.
  15. Create a new drawing and vectorize it.
  16. image9

    Figure 9

  17. Send changes to the server by clicking Commit.
  18. image10

    Figure 10

  19. To get changes on another client, at the client, click Update.
  20. image11

    Figure 11

    The drawing is drawn on the second client and the changes are updated on the first.


    Figure 12


    Figure 13