Teigha Viewer

Teigha Viewer incorporates the power and flexibility of Teigha into a single application that can render both .dwg files and .dgn files using a common command interface for both formats.

In addition, Teigha Viewer can be used as a test application for the Teigha Xtension (TX) Software Development Kit (SDK). TX developers can load custom TX modules, run custom commands from the console, and customize the Teigha Viewer menus.


  • Load, save, print, and render .dwg and .dgn files.
  • Recover and audit damaged .dwg files.
  • Create new .dwg files.
  • Import .dgn files.
  • Work with architecture objects (uses Teigha Architecture integration).
  • Draw simple entities: boxes, spheres, circles, texts and lines.
  • Zoom, pan, orbit and select various preset 3D views.
  • Select an active layout via drawing window tabs. Switch the current viewport.
  • Select and deselect items in a drawing. Delete items from a drawing. Use grips in .dwg files.
  • Undo and redo operations in .dwg files.
  • Edit general properties of entities; edit all properties of lines and arcs in .dwg files.
  • Edit layer properties using the Layer Properties Manager (turn layers on/off, etc.).
  • Use menu, toolbar, and command window interfaces.
  • Customize menus and toolbars via .cui files.
  • Switch windows.
  • View and change system variables, and reset system variables.
  • Load Teigha Xtension (TX) plug-ins on demand or explicitly via user request.
  • Load .NET TX plug-ins (Windows only, ODA members only).
  • Execute loaded commands via a menu item.
  • Define in a Startup Suite the applications to load automatically when Teigha Viewer starts.
  • Enter arguments and switches when running the Teigha Viewer executable to automatically open files, run scripts, and load TX applications. Enter /? for a list of arguments, for example: "c:\TeighaViewer.exe /?".


A complete list of commands available within Teigha Viewer is available here.

Teigha Viewer Downloads

Platform Information Download

OpenSUSE11.2/Ubuntu 10.10 x86/x64 or later.

RPM packages: Qt 5.3.2 required. Click the .rpm file in the Linux browser (Dolphin) to install.

DEB packages: Qt 5.3.2 required. Use system software to install, for example dpkg -i TeighaViewer_lnxX86_4.7dll.deb, from the terminal command line. You may need superuser privileges to install.

Teigha Viewer for Linux 32-bit (RPM)
Teigha Viewer for Linux 64-bit (RPM)
Teigha Viewer for Linux 32-bit (DEB)
Teigha Viewer for Linux 64-bit (DEB)
Mac OS X Mac OS X 10.12 x64 or later Teigha Viewer for Mac OS X
Windows Windows XP or later Teigha Viewer for Windows
Android Android 2.3 or later Teigha Viewer for Android