Powerful, Versatile .dwg Technology

Drawings (formerly Teigha Drawings) is the engineering industry’s most widely used toolkit for .dwg and .dgn interoperability, with the most advanced feature set.

Access 100% of the data in .dwg and .dgn files

Simple Graphical Entities

Access the full set of standard graphical entities including lines, circles, NURBS, etc.


Work with single- and multi-line text objects and their properties or extract all text objects using the effective protocol extension API.

Dictionaries and Extended Data

Explore standard and custom dictionaries and use the Extended Data API to get and set XDATA for database objects.

System Variables

Access the full set of system variables stored in a .dwg file.


Work with layers, text styles, line types, and other table objects.


Access 100% of the data in .dwg and .dgn through a convenient, multi-platform, object-oriented API.

Edit any type of .dwg or .dgn object

Object Properties

Modify any standard properties of .dwg or .dgn objects such as color, visibility, linetype, associated layer, plot style name and others.

Geometric Transformations

Perform standard object transformations (translation, rotation 
and scaling), use object-specific functions to modify specific geometric parameters 
or explode a complex object into a set of simpler elements using the built-in decomposition mechanism.

Transactions (Undo/Redo)

Use transactions and undo/redo capabilities to implement undo/redo functionality in your editing application.



Edit any type of .dwg or .dgn object using a powerful high-level API.

Create standard .dwg/.dgn objects or custom .dwg objects

Simple Graphical Entities

Full support for all standard entity types including line, circle, arc, etc.

Text & Dimensions

Create simple or paragraph text with full access to all text properties. Full support for dimensions and  dimension styles, including associative dimensions

Point Clouds

Attach Autodesk® ReCap™ point cloud files (.rcs) to .dwg models.

3D Solids

Create basic 3d solids using standard tools, or license a full modeler from an ODA partner.

Dictionaries and Extended Data

Create and edit dictionaries to store objects of any type, attach data to the objects, and perform flexible restructuring of the database. Use the extended data API to attach XDATA to an object for use in external applications.

Raster Images

Add raster images to a drawing as references 
or embedded objects.

Custom Objects

Create your own fully-functional custom objects 
that interact with Drawings-based applications through standard interfaces (serialization, visualization, etc.).


Create models with any standard .dwg or .dgn objects. Extend the .dwg object model with your own fully-functional custom objects.

Visualize .dwg or .dgn on any platform using any device


Spatial filtering and other performance enhancing techniques provide fast rendering of .dwg and .dgn data, even for large models.


Use a set of standard features for navigating through a model such as zoom, pan, 3d rotation and more.

Visual Styles

Use different visual styles to customize your visualization of silhouettes, obscured (hidden) edges, "always on top" edges, transparency 
and more.

Materials and Lighting

Use materials and lighting effects to create a high-quality, realistic visual representation of a model.



Fast visualization of .dwg and .dgn on any platform, using any device.

Publishing .dwg and .dgn models

Use the ODA Publish API to create modern, lightweight and interactive 3D or standard 2D documentation from .dwg or .dgn models.

All PDFs are 100% compatible with ISO standards and Adobe tools.

Create PRC-based 3D PDF documents that contain full B-rep models.

Add animation, interactive views, parts lists, and more to create attractive and sophisticated 3D PDF documents.



Publish .dwg and .dgn models to rich, functional 3D PDF, or standard 2D PDF.

Interact with other popular formats

Format Export Import
.dgn    (import .dgn to dwg only)
.dae (Collada)    
.Raster Formats    


Interact with other popular formats including SVG, BMP, STL and more.

Using Drawings as an application kernel

Leveraging the .dwg Format

.dwg is the native format of many of the world’s most popular CAD applications. It can be your native format as well, saving you the time and effort 
of implementing serialization and data conversion code.

Powerful and Proven Object Model

Drawings has all of the objects you need to create complex CAD applications. It is a stable and reliable solution that has been used in hundreds 
of professional CAD applications for more 
than a decade.

Work Sharing and Version History

Implement work sharing and version history in your application using Drawings’ proprietary 
and convenient revision control system, which provides functionality similar to Git for .dwg.

Professional Visualization

Drawings includes built-in visualization for .dwg 
with performance comparable to other industry solutions such as HOOPS®, at a fraction of the cost.

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Drawings as an Application Kernel

Why import & export .dwg, when you can use Drawings 
as your application kernel and work natively with .dwg data? Join the cutting edge group of ODA members who use Drawings to power their CAD applications.