What are the benefits of Founding membership?

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You get access to the git repository, so you have the implementation of all the SDKs in the Core package or Core package + extensions such as BimRv, BimNv, Civil, Mechanical or Map 3D (if you are signed for any); This means you get the newest features, fixes, improvements as soon as they are added to git;

You are able to modify the source code adjusting it to your needs, but you should share these changes and they may be added to the official ODA version; So, your version may differ from the one on ODA site due to your unique changes;

One more option – as you deal with the source code you can get an e-mail of the engineer in the area you work and can address with your issues directly, but not through jira or forum; Though quite often it leads to a task being created on jira, but overall, it makes the communication more transparent;

ODA has about 1200 members, but only 60 of them are Founding members and Corporate members. This means that it is possible to rise the priority of the tasks set by the Founding and Corporate members;

Administrative option - Founding Member may nominate a member of the ODA Board of Directors and vote in the election of the ODA Board of Directors; - thus influence the overall ODA development policy.