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Is there a credit for my current membership if I upgrade to a higher ODA membership level?

The unused portion of your current membership is prorated and applied to the next membership payment (the amount depends on how many months are left).


What are the benefits of Founding membership?

You get access to the git repository, so you have the implementation of all the SDKs in the Core package or Core package + extensions such as BimRv, BimNv, Civil, Mechanical or Map 3D (if you are signed for any); This means you get the newest features, fixes, improvements as soon as they are added to git;

You are able to modify the source code adjusting it to your needs, but you should share these changes and they may be added to the official ODA version; So, your version may differ from the one on ODA site due to your unique changes;

One more option – as you deal with the source code you can get an e-mail of the engineer in the area you work and can address with your issues directly, but not through jira or forum; Though quite often it leads to a task being created on jira, but overall, it makes the communication more transparent;

ODA has about 1200 members, but only 60 of them are Founding members and Corporate members. This means that it is possible to rise the priority of the tasks set by the Founding and Corporate members;

Administrative option - Founding Member may nominate a member of the ODA Board of Directors and vote in the election of the ODA Board of Directors; - thus influence the overall ODA development policy.

What method can we use to prevent our customers from authorizing each computer? Can I put it directly into the ODA SDK and indicate the source?

ODA libraries require compile-time activation only. You will need to implement additional authorization methods in your client application, to control access your customers. This can be added to your source code that interfaces with ODA SDKs.

Do I need to indicate the copyright of ODA in my product?

We require you to add the following copyright notice to your product documentation:

This application incorporates Open Design Alliance software pursuant to a license agreement with Open Design Alliance.
Open Design Alliance Copyright (C) 2002-2019 by Open Design Alliance.
All rights reserved.

Where can I find a membership contract before applying for membership?

Please click "Add to cart" on the store page. After this step you will see a link to see printable contract on the left.

Is it possible to get invoice in RMB instead of USD?

Yes, we can send an invoice in RMB, but we only accept payment in USD. You can contact

Membership type for a CAD program distributed for free. Which membership level do we need?

Whether you distribute for free, for a donation, or for a cost, it will be a Commercial Membership or higher. A Commercial membership is limited to distribution of 100 seats. This means that you can distribute up to 100 copies of a ODA-based application to your customers. Please note the following: both paid licenses and trial/evaluation licenses are included in the 100 seat limit.

If you are distributing more than 100, then it needs to be a Sustaining Membership.

How technical support is provided in case I become ODA member?

Our members get the following support: online documentation, forum (reviewed by ODA development team), access to jira (where they can open their tasks/support requests).

I applied for educational membership (I'm a student), and I have received your email and uploaded signature, but still cannot login. The authentation always failes.

Your faculty contact also have to upload his signature. Without it you are not considered as active user, so you can’t login.

Is Distribution Entity that sells Member Application developed by Sustainig Member also need some ODA contract? Distribution Entity does not use Development Tools, Derivative Work, or Documentation at all.

No additional contract with ODA is required in this case. However, your company will need to have a contract with the Distribution Entity that adheres to the following requirements from Section 2.1.3 of the Sustaining Membership Agreement:

2.1.3 Sublicense Agreements. Sustaining Member may sublicense its Member Application(s) to Distribution Entities. Sustaining Member may not grant any license rights to the Development Tools or Documentation to any Distribution Entity, or sublicense the Development Tools or Documentation on a standalone basis, but only as part of a Member Application and pursuant to a written sublicense agreement. The terms and conditions of any such sublicense agreement shall contain provisions that protect the ODA’s rights under this Agreement (including, without limitation, the ODA’s right, title, and interest in the Development Tools, Member Applications and Documentation), and (ii) be materially consistent with Sustaining Member’s obligations, responsibilities, and restrictions set forth in this Agreement. No other sublicense rights are granted.

Does section 2.5 of founding membership agreement (Enhancements that are mentioned) implies that if we developed a separate library, would you have royalty-free rights to our new library?

The general rule we follow is that we would like access to any changes that Founding Members make to ODA source files. This will generally include bug fixes, and minor enhancements/modifications. As an example, enhancements might include changes made to port the code to a new platform. Any related code that you write, that is outside of our source files, is yours. We have members who have implemented their own modules for certain parts of our system, for example, they have their own custom geometry library or rendering device that they use in place of our standard modules. We make no claim to these types of components.

Do you work with resellers?

ODA does not work with resellers – your customers will need to become an ODA member directly. Your company can pay for the membership, but your customers will need to sign the paperwork and become a member of ODA. We do not offer any reseller discounts, all members pay the same published prices that you can find on the Pricing page of our website.

For the billing address, put your information and company. For the membership, put your customer's information and company.

How many developers can use ODA SDKs?

The development kit can be used by the developers of your company only (we do not limit the number of developers). No transfer to a third-party is permitted.